Motor Audit
An onsite collection of motor assets using a mobile database and data presented in a CSV format for your CMMS upload.
Both In Service and Spares are identfied allowing an assessment based on your criticality and business needs. This assessment shows the "Where Used" spares coverage, and any risk of incorrect spare.   Motor Audits across multiple sites can identify where spares should be stored, redundant spares, and rationalisation opportunities.   Collected details include shaft details, name plate data, mounting allowing for variants and database includes photographs for easy identification.   A motor audit is recommended for the first step in your motor management programme.
Motor Health Assessments
Identify the reliability status of your electric motor assets using Motor Circuit Analysis. This method tests the entire system from the distribution board and will identify potential energy savings. This assessment is combined with continuity testing, visual inspection of terminations, and EMF (electromagneticfreq) of induced sources which is common in bearing fluting attack.  The methods in the Motor Health Assessment are consistent with the IEEE 1415 -2006 "Guide for Induction Machinery Maintenance Testing and Failure Analysis".
Asset Strategies
Use our experience to workshop Asset Strategies taylored for your enterprise. A FMECA (Failure Modes, Effects & Critically Analysis) focused on Electric Motor Assets.
Proven Strategies have made immediate returns and gained Reliability improvements many times the initial investment.
Our workshop training gives an insight into how and why motors fail that are common to industry.
Management Processes
Reliability needs  to be supported by a Purchsase & Overhaul Specification, installation guidelines, Correct Storage & Identification and Acceptance testing. These processes reduce response time  in the event of a failure. Management Processes are essential ensure the asset you install is "FIT FOR USE". Use our experience in failure analysis to make continous improvements.

Seal Bearings Repack in Polyurea or PFPE grease. Extend your service life and gain reliability.

Repacking Service is limited to Clients, as the application & precision installation are required to be checked to ensure infant mortality of bearings is eliminated. Backed by Accelerated testing by SKF. Grease specification as download scroll down.
Repacking procedure ensures clean, undamaged bearing with individual grease charge weight.d

Standard Lithium based grease in most sealed bearings has a grease  depletion life of approximately 10,000 hours (Motor Bearings). The selected greases have a much longer depletion life a therefore bearing life is significantly extended. Some suppliers can offer higher performing grease selection but availability can be limited. eg When I converted a food plant in Australia the lead time was more than 12 months, and we repacked sealed bearings through our Power transmission vendor.
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PFPE Grease Extend sealed bearing service life



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